Friday, June 23

free books!

I have spent the entire morning putting out some boxes of books I got from customers this morning! They were cleaning up and out and didn't want anything for them, so I ended up with free books! I gave a lot of them away to the charity shop but kept some war ones on Churchill and uniforms and a book about the incompetence of battles, a couple of history books about The Incas and Classical History, some science breakthroughs - one is called The Wrinkles of Time, some books on faith and all the rest fiction ranging from Wilbur Smith to The First Rumpole Omnibus - John Mortimer as well as Bryce Courtney's and some really old looking crime fiction!
I then spent the rest of my time sweeping, rearranging some of the shelves and reading a 123 book to a one year old girl!
The shop is looking fantastic, it smells very citrusy, it's really warm and orangey in here and there seem to be quite a few people walking in and out - so my fingers are crossed!
Last night I stayed home (I must have Thursdayitis!) and watched Lost feeling entirely lost and confused throughout the episode. There are more twists and turns and strange connections in that programme than in any I have ever seen and although it must be fun to write - it is too confusing!, because there are infinite possibilities and scenarios - now Hurley is questioning if he is still back in some home and if any of the experiences he had so far in the island are real especially now some blonde babe is falling for him. Throughout many flashbacks, the blonde babe is taking some sort of medication back in the home... yep I'm Lost!
It poured with rain last night, the Socceroos (one r, two rs?) got through and it seems like change is in the air, people are all happy and smiley and the weather is sunny!
I just found a soccer rules book on FIFA from 2000, which I'll be giving to someone I know who is passionate about soccer/football and am still reading The man who ate the 747 and had some magazines delivered this morning to hand out to customers, bit of a community thing happening in here!There is a man standing in the shop staring at the vase of oranges and lemons - think I should say something?!

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