Monday, June 26

flatmates, science books, Hemingway and cups of coffee...

Oh it was a full on weekend! Hemingway my psychotic cat who has been the most incredibly happy and purring boy; became destructive while I was out last night. He knocked a vase containing a bamboo over my flatmates DVDs, rucked up the carpet, tore up foil and then hid when he heard me come in. Then he crouched in fear staring at me with big big eyes, but slowly started purring until I finally, after cleaning and trying to dry the DVDs (CAN you dry DVDS??) picked him up and held him. Anyone who hasn't seen him for a while would be amazed by his transformation, he is getting huge, purrs all the time, lets people pat him for longer than 5 seconds and follows everyone who comes to the flat around purring.
Of course my flatmate (who thinks she is staying in a hotel and talks to me as if I am on the reception desk!) was not too happy about the six soaked DVDS. So I'll just pop it on her not happy about things lists, from pots which cause cancer and need to be replaced, to lamps which break so easily and red light is dangerous, to heaters (too high/too low!), to cushions (covered in hair/not comfortable!), to cats waking her up early one morning (come on!), to the shower not having enough pressure, to the smell of coffee... something different every other day! She is moving out on Tuesday and honestly? I feel like a weight has been lifted and all that weird stuff will be gone, I don't know how to deal with her odd things anymore!
I went for brunch with sis and her hubby and my good friend to a place called seasaltcafe an incredible place right on the water of Clovelly pool/beach, very busy and an amazing table and food! Grace, I think you would love this place - it has great coffee and a take out section, breakfast, lunch, dinner and wines and it's a nice set up - kind of classy beachy if there is such a thing!
Afterwards Juby and I went shopping at Westfield and ended up going to watch Click - honestly typical Adam Sandler who plays on the give a good hard working guy a break mode, there were some clever bits and the concept was sweet, but there were so many dumb scenes and Kate Beckinsale was just too nice and one dimensional as his patient and loving wife. It was a miserable Sunday and a perfect way to spend it, afterwards I went for lasagne and gossip at a friend, watched CSI and finally got some rest! Another blissful Sunday ,oh apart from flatmate and cat stuff!
I found my copy of Disinformation by one of my favourite scientists Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, it is the best way to learn information because he writes in a practical but humorous way about all kinds of things including myths, facts, why certain things happen scientifically as well as doing talks on radio, has free talks at galleries and events, is present in advertising about the dangers of micro sleeps and is just a fascinating man! DrKarl's site. I would recommend using any of his books as a learning tool for laymen (like me!) who can't get science in a technical sense but it is so interesting and funny and insightful and I have learnt so much through him!
While I have been writing this, I have sold some books on Aboriginal art, an art collections guide and a book on emotion/reason - so it looks like an art book day!

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