Tuesday, June 6


Ok, since I wrote this I have: been to the bank, done an invoice, had three customers in and written two quick book reviews! I am now thinking up the books I need to write for the column (MUST finish it by tommorrow!) and am going to start fixing up some of the copywriting work which needs more meat!
So what is my motivation? NOTHING - but I have always felt that I can complain and get nothing done and feel the results later or I can bloody (love that word!) well do something. It's the same as losing weight or getting healthier or making friends or anything! I am actually terrified of becoming a twisted bitter person!
So that is going to be my day, despite the fact that the book spy girl is right next to me and I could curl up here with it right now...
The Reading Challenge is going well, I have almost read four books this week and they have all been completely different so far - at this rate I am going to become a genius!
I wrote this on the site (Reading Challenge site) because I feel that these books have touched me somehow:

Eleven Minutes - Paulo Coehlo - brilliant!
Time Traveller's Wife - Intriguing!
Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult very insightful and made me question my own beliefs
Life of Pi - very original
The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas - unusual lead character who I thought was completely naive but very interesting book - almost fable like
The Alchemist - my all time favourite which I have revisited on many occassions
Phillipa Gregory's books especially The Other Boleyn Girl - although historical fiction, I learnt so much and LOVED this book, also loved The Virgin's Lover and The Queen's Fool
Getting Over It - Anna Maxted - a really light read about deep issues, same with her other book Running in Heels - I seriously have read both these books a few times and feel she really reaches her readers
The Day of The Triffids - John Wyndham - amazing because I usually hate sci fi - but this is visually and imaginatively the best sci fi I have read
Jurassic Park - Michael Crichton - wow - in fact so wow I refused to watch the movie!
Wonderland Avenue - Danny Sugarman - this book is the one I have given my friends to read and have a really worn and torn copy which I will NEVER give away. It made me cry and made me fall in love with Jim Morrisson. Danny writes so well about how he managed The Doors and his experiences with them - I learnt more from this book than any other memoir so far!
Dry - Augusten (something) - he writes so well and never tried to justify his drinking - excellent!
Before I Say Goodbye - Ruth Picardie - this is a series of letters, emails and Ruth's column/writings before she died of breast cancer. There is a letter in there that made me put the book down and sob my eyes out. I read it about 8/9 years ago and still remember it! She was a very special woman!

All these books are books I feel changed my way of thinking or gave me something to think about or made me want to learn more! And these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head!
What are yours?
So this is what I do all day, write, review, speak to customers, drink coffee, stare into space and try to get as much as I can done... even though some days started to drag and then got a bit better :)


  1. I just read The Other Boleyn Girl this year and loved it too! I really need to read more by Phillipa Gregory. Sounds like your challenge is going great! yeah!!

  2. Hi Ebbye,
    I think you have a fantastic blog too. It's very cleverly written.
    Come over often and let's be friends, ok

  3. Wow, 4 books...I'm impressed! The Knitting World Cup is a challenge where you knit an item over the course of the World Cup. I can't start working on it until Fri? I think.

    I love your blog. I'm going to start a book blog myself. I am a Librarian (or will be in a year when I finish my degree!) And absolutely love mysteries and books that others might not neccessarily read!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are going on my list of book blogs to keep an eye on!

  4. Hi again Ebbye, just to let you know I've put you in my links on the right-hand sidebar content.
    Twice actually.
    One under Writing/Book Blogs I Read
    & the 2nd one is further down under Romancing Book Portals.

  5. I am equally enamored of your blog, ebbye and what a great job you have! I will be stopping by your blog a lot for book recommendations...

    Some books that have changed my way of thinking? Probably, "Living Magically" by Gill Edwards and "What the Body Remembers" by Shawna Singh Baldwin, just to name a couple.

    I like the sound of "The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas" will have to check it out, thanks.

  6. Well, I did it I know have a book blog....www.roomswithbooks.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the interest!

  7. Am so glad i have found fellow readers who love books as much as I do, thanks for coming by! :)