Tuesday, June 6

Dragging along...

It's this weather I think! I am really struggling with wanting to read all day, look at books, read to kids and just veg in the shop; rather than doing any real work! By that I mean marketing, advertising, reaviewing (I have two book reviews and a one off column to write) and doing my copywriting work.
I am not sure if it is me or this weather but I have no mental desire or motivation to even start - pathetic!
So so far this morn, I have had to turn two people away asking for work here. One of the girls who was actually really nice wanted to do my children's book readings for $20 an hour! As if! I told her that it's a small book shop and I do all the readings myself, am certainly not going to fork out that kind of money for someone to read the kids books - I know temps who don't earn that an hour!
It's still pouring here and freezing and I have the dog in here who comes in for treats every morning and he is terrified of the heater!
I have so much to do today so am going to get motivated, I have a column to think up and work which has fallen behind...

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