Wednesday, June 7

a shop meeting, a hug, a rush and piles of books!

... that pretty much sums up my morning so far! I had to get up and rush to a shop meeting where we are all (hopefully) going to organise a Christmas in July complete with sales, hampers, donation to a local charity, bands, banners, Santa and I am giving a book prize - a package of 10 crime fictions to the winner! I figure it's winter and the best reading...
So my day started with talking to all the other shop girls in the area and discussing what needs to be done to pep up our sales! And because it will be freezing here in July - it will probably seem like Christmas! So the next two weeks my task is to find all the shops who want to participate and get everyone on board! :)
The meeting was held in a yummy cafe where the owner we all call Mama gives people hugs - and she smells like coffee and baked goods - such a good way to start the day!
Now I am sitting with piles of books on my desk to price, clean and put out. I have I, Fatty with an "I loved it" by Johnny Depp, The One Minute Manager, Who Moved My Cheese, a couple of crime fiction and a book on weather - a nice good quality mix!
So plenty do do this morn....


  1. Hi Ebbye, sometime you must tell me where your shop is. I lived in Melbourne for 5 years and the last 3, I've been in London. Then, I often went up to Sydney. And In Sydney, I'd live in Bondi and take a bus in to the city (only about 12-15 minutes max) My favourite shopping haunts were all along George Street, Pitt Street etc. And I'd start the day off with a coffee at the Queen Victoria Building. Oh, I do miss Sydney and hope to go back soon. love.

  2. susan my the blog has a link to my website which is going to be revamped in a week or so!

  3. Ebbye, I'm going to have to pass on the word about your bookstore to my husband's cousins in Sydney, all of whom are avid readers!