Wednesday, June 14

of course!

I was late for work today! And of course because I was late everything worked against me! My mom called when I was running around like a mad thing trying to brush my hair! Then when I left my house there was a man standing pointing with his arm out and when I turned in his direction, he asked me for a lift up the road! Shame he was old and all that and I had seen him every now and then, so gave him a lift and we had a nice chat! Then there was an armed security van stopping the traffic from moving at the lights, roadworks on a one way street, more traffic and phew finally got to work this morn!
The nicest thing about being a bit late? Well there were a couple of customers and two immediate sales! Then another shop has decided to participate in Christmas in July - so that's getting bigger and bigger. I have been reading to an 18 month old boy and showing him how to feed my money hippo, which I keep on the desk coins for breakfast, got a cup of coffee, received leaflets advertising book fairs, turned away a couple of people wanting to sell books away, popped some books in the window display, put out some dictionaries (very nice little ones actually!) and am about to tackle all the books I received while away, which are in the back waiting to be put out!
The woman has just bought her 18 month old back in to enquire about the baby book club I do on Friday mornings, where I pop babies on a blanket on the floor and read and show them books on animals, shapes, colours and all kinds of bright pictures until they get bored! So hopefully they'll come in on Fri.
I am gearing up for this Christmas event so am making a list of books I'll need to buy, speak to my friends about displaying art in the shop (something new!) and organise all the things that need to be done today!
Of course I will read and carry on contacting friends about reviews...

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