Thursday, June 15

meetings, networking, books and website...

... that's pretty much what I have been up to this week! I found an incredible deal to fix up my website and make it professional looking and to ensure that as well as active, it reflected the book shop. It took all of Tuesday and Wednesday to do and change - I just supplied the text, the colours and the ideas - a lovely man put it all together for me. And then had to go through my changes while I was actualising it. It's all done apart from one small hitch - it's not up yet!
then I needed to decide what the shop needs... customers! but personal publicity which I am going to have to do so am organising to be the go to person for the Christmas event and have paid to attend several business, marketing and networking events so I can hand out business cards and speak to people one on one...
So since Tuesday I have exhausted myself by thinking up viable routes to promote, publicise, advertise and market this shop - while taking an active role and doing things that relate to it somewhat!
So went to the site and looked at the place it's been held and then clicked on the bookshop link! It's all books on believing in yourself, networking, overcoming, balancing and thisone! which I really loved the title of and while it sounds a bit self helpy - I love the writer's tools and exercises. I love the sound of this one secretwomen'sbusiness and also realised while looking through this site, that there is a lot of focus on work and success but there is also a focus on balance and health and relationships and there are all kinds of workshops focusing on a woman becoming all rounded and not just on her work ethics and becoming successful. I am looking forward to the networking one I am going to because it is women in business attending a workshop on health and bodies and looking after ourselves mentally and physically!
I am reading my first Patricia Cornwell book called BodyofEvidence which I am enjoying because it is like CSI to me, finding a dead body and using all kinds of tools and methods to trace the story backwards and find out why the person was murdered and how. I love forensics and crime and I really love stories which make the reader think and come to their own conclusions so so far it is a great read - even if it seems a little too easy and simple.
I have a book on marketing on my desk and am attending some meetings in July to learn how to do certain things practically for the shop so I have ticked the website and the next thing on my list is advertising...

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