Friday, June 9

maybe a fresh start?

In the last three weeks or so, I have become very very involved in all the personal changes I have to make to the shop. This consists of marketing and advertising (doing and done!), networking (in two weeks, I have a women's group) and in July I have 4 sessions including dinner and it's both networking and advice!
I am looking at all the places I can write either reviews or columns where I can plug the shop (one so far!) and also had to make a decision about a second job that had nothing to do with the shop and was actually taking me away from it! So today I ended my second job so I could get more involved in all of the above and assist with organising Christmas in July as well as doing all the shop things! I am going to be doing some book buying, restocking and shelving (next weekend!) and of course my usual looking at bestsellers in Borders and seeing what sells here!
Do I feel good? Well yes because the shop needs me and I need to find work which keeps me and the shop on the same level but no because I feel like a quitter!
But it also feels like I am getting the focus I need, I cannot complain anymore unless I actually do something about it.
So go shop! I am breathing life into it!
Today I am reading TheWonderSpot because I needed a book which seems to speak to me. Sophie is a Jewish girl but neither religious nor traditional, loves books, is apathetic about many things and questions her work life and love life - I mean talk about a sense of familiarity!
I am going away this weekend so need to choose a couple of books in case! I am thinking of taking EmergencySex as a joke and because it looks great and seems so topical! So it will be a conversation piece, a learning tool and a distraction!
Last night I went shopping for some warm socks and stuff for the cold weekend and got some cream slipper boots which are gorgeous and can wear out because they are quite sexy and so comfortable! I am wearing them to drive down in!
When I get back on Tues, am going to a business/wisdom breakfast before work and later am catching up with a friend. So here's to sorting things out all round...

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