Wednesday, June 7

being an individual...

The UrbanDictionary defines an individual as someone who follows their own path and lives by their own rules and doesn't feel the need to fit in to a certain mould or stereotype... Maybe it is an ego thing but I do believe that everyone thinks they have unique qualities and that they are not the norm. So what happens if you are stereotyped and within minutes of meeting someone; you become representative of all women and the person is not really seeing you? Last night was the first time I have ever really spoken up for my individuality and told someone to look at me as a person! Yes of course I am a woman, but I am not all women; I am simply me and so in between bouts of anger and being upset and getting a little nasty towards this man... I realised that I am actually tired of the assumptions and stereotypes that I get within minutes of meeting a man. I am not sure whether it's something that is holding them back or if they have truly been with woman who want a man to be the focus and centre of her life so I get the guys who TELL me thay don't want a relationship or anything serious.
Last night was the first time in my life I have actually told someone to give me a minute, to LOOK at ME, to give me a little time, to have a drink with me before spitting out all the stuff about women and relationships and assuming we all IMMEDIATELY want a man to fulfill something in our lives.
And after thinking about it for a long time I realised that over many years, I pretty much get men telling me all their stuff and what they don't want and I finally freed it all by asking someone to just step off the all women thing and to look at the person right there!
So after all that; we actually got on fine...
This morning I have so much stuff to do before I leave for the Hunter Valley on Sat, I have three reviews to write, more shops to talk to and the column is due tommorrow! Aaaarrgghh -
I updated my reviews for this website bookreviews and hopefully over the months, I will be writing more and representing the shop more (go Networking!)
So this hot and individual librarian is following her own work rules and is off to do some! It is a gorgeous sunny day here, this is the weather that I think all us beachy people live for. Today I feel very proud of who I am so thank you for stereotyping me...

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