Thursday, June 22


After going to a women's networking meeting at Perfect Potion last night - I went in a few weeks back and love this place perfect!, I decided to uplift the mood of the shop this morning. I bought a gorgeous essence burner and fire essence from the shop and also bought orange gerbras and oranges and lemons which I stuffed into vases and placed around the shop, to lift the mood and energy! It smells great in here and the fire one has sensual elements of ylang ylang as well as citrus elements and sandalwood for lifting moods and bringing inspiraton fireessenceblend! Last night I met some wonderful and inspiring women (16 in total!) and listened to what they do, what they need and Perfect Potion also gave us some potions and gels to test and smell so it was definitely inspiring and boosted my spirits! I like the orange in the shop, it definitely takes away the winter greys (it's pouring outside!)
I also met up with a friend who wants me to help her market her art and I will display some in her shop so we will both be benefitting from this! So I have suddenly become her marketing manager! and promoter - I love her art and love meeting and talking to people so this is great!Cyndi'sart it's great so come and look.
Apart from all this, I have been marketing the shop full pelt and am about to start reading themanwhoatethe747 - it looks very interesting!
Today I am going to put out a whole diverse lot of books in the store which have been in the back, authors like Richard Bach, Tom Robbins ( I loved Half Asleep in Frog Pyjamas - and use the term sometimes!) Barbara Kingsolver and some great classics!
It smells wonderful in here...

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