Tuesday, June 27

Crime fiction..

Is definitely the best selling genre! I say this after spending a year in the shop and seeing what moves quickly and what seems to come in and out at a rapid rate! Thanks to friends like Grace who reads Harlan Coben and has given me so many crime fiction books and people who love the series writers like Janet Evanovich, as well as authors which seem the same but confront medical, forensic, historical and factual subjects like Tess Gerritsen, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, this seems to be an unlimitless genre.
It's all the blood and gore and unrealistic things that happens in these books I think and it is such an escape from most of our every day lives. I have NEVER come home to a dead body in my flat or been threatened by a serial killer or been involved with a man who killed someone and his past has come back to scare us in some shape or form. I think crime fiction is one of the ultimate escapes in books with a touch of the reality or possibility because it happens to seemingly innocent victims and depending whether you like law/forensics/medical/court dramas- the authors seem to give people a hit of facts as well. I love how some authors play on the mind, reasoning and psychology behind the crime/killer and delve into other issues which are often confrontational and I can relate to those issues! Then there are authors like Carl Hiaasen and Christopher Brookmyre which are just damn good reads! What do you think - what is it about crime fiction?
Well here is a link to authors answering my question crimefictionshouldberecognisedasliterature
I woke up this morning was late for my fortnightly talk and was also feeling a bit angry and wondering if I should read a good crime fiction novel because I didn't sleep last night and my flatmate is staying til Saturday morning! Maybe I should have been doing all these! and paying more attention to this!
Seriously though I am out every night lately, doing all kinds of things and I think despite all the flat mate stuff, I want a break and space and just to re nourish!
So today have been up since 7:30 am, I have been to the bank, filled up my sweet jar, wrote Adiamo Perso - We Lost - in the window with an arrow pointing to an Italian dictionary!, bought some books - 9 of them - including Perfume - Patrick Suskind and Disgrace - JM Coetzee for very low prices, had 2 cups of coffee, read to a 1 year old girl, bought gorgeous yellow jonquils, swept and am about to price and sort this pile on my desk after eating some chicken chilli sandwhiches for brunch!


  1. OMG - Disgrace and Perfume are two of my most favorite books ever. I hope you like them! And, I read tons of mysteries - to me they are just great escape. Although I'm not too big on ones that are all gore.

  2. Perfume is a fabulous read! You'll never think of your sense of smell in the same way again. If you're looking for a really good escapist crime fiction read, try Lauren Henderson (if you haven't already). She'll help you "tough out" any horrorshow flatmate experiences.