Thursday, June 29

book prize, networking, strange customer and coffee

I'm going to a huge networking thingy in the city tonight and have been chosen to give a door prize - so selected five crime fictions in excellent condition, wrapped them, gave them each a bookmark, packed them and stapled my business card to the bag! Hopefully the winner will love crime fiction but still it's a great prize. I selected The Shadow Box - John Maxim, The Chamber - John Grisham, The English Assassin - Daniel Silver, Shell Game - Carol O' Connell and The Lonely Dead - Michael Marshall - they were all chosen because they are in excellent condition and they realte to shady business dealings! :)
So am all ready for the networking tonight which is a huge group of innovative young business people in a swanky venue at a club in the city. There is going to be food and drinks as well as massages and each person has to give a quick talk on their business. So i dressed in crop pants and funky long high black boots just to make an impact on all the conventionally dressed city people.
I keep getting a strange customer in who seems unemployed and smells like he drinks, who keeps standing near me and trying to give me business advice! Annoying!
Well I have my coffee, am doing the window display, am ready for tonight and am looking at dating books (hysterical!) and what we need to restock - we seem to be running low on travel books, sci fi, true crime and fiction - so send them in!
My review has come out on my friend's Sydney website, I am planning on writing a monthly take of a single girl in Sydney TheBoyintheStripedPyjamas , am very happy with this one!

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