Wednesday, June 28

business, free books and dust

I have just finished vacuuming the shop - it takes over 40 minutes and it's just amazing how the dust collects and settles but after moving myself, the vacuum and shelves around, the air has lifted and it feels fresher in here. It also looks and smell nice and clean so come on in everyone!
Yesterday just before I closed; a lady came in and gave me three bags of books most of which will end up in the charity shop and discount boxes but some of them are fantastic and have ended up in the window! I still have about 30/40 to get through this morning but I love free books!
I am finishing off When In Rome - Penelope Green which I have absolutely loved reading and makes me want to travel and learn a new language. I really love Spanish and Italian and Penelope has inspired me because she left everything behind to start small and in a new language and culture!
I just got my friend's little hand outs for a giant U2 - A - Thon this Saturday! I love U2 but have a friend's hens night first so will just have to see if it makes sense to go there afterwards. It's DJs and stereos playing all the U2 songs all night.
Mops has just been in to give me some lunch and I am about to tackle the large and dusty pile on the floor, looks like I'll be crossing the road a few times - lucky for me, my body is great what with the vitamins and tonics, carrying boxes, playing around with moving books all day and reading to kids - yep I am sedentary a lot of the time, but seem to lift and carry and move for a good part of the day! I have no idea why they call us book worms which are slimy and have no definition - you should see my leg and arm muscles!
So far the shop has been thoroughly dusted, have sold a few books to a regular customer, made a baby boy laugh/gurgle out loud, read to a 4 year old girl and an 18 month old boy, sold a few business books, taken a huge pile of books across (twice!) and have just chosen my next book to read for the challenge - TheKillerBeanofCalabarandOtherStories It looks like fun and am feeling a bit murderous lately! It's all about poisons and famous poisoners...


  1. Killer Beans and gurgling babies! Sounds like the perfect day!