Saturday, May 6

What do you do when...

You are at work and suddenly everyone wants to organise tonight through you! It started off with an invitation to three different parties, a few drinks at a local pub and then a dinner! On top of that as designated driver I also need to pick up certain people at certain times and get them to this rather large dinner - it started off 5/6 people and expanded to about 15. After a dozen calls and text messages, the pub drinks have been scrapped, dinner starts at 8pm in Newtown followed by one of the three parties somewhere! I had to make all the calls and plans to pick up and like the idea of it being mostly unplanned - we'll just see what we feel like doing after! Exhausting! The dinner sounds good, the company are a bunch of my friend's friends who are great and there are still plenty of options for later!
Last night I had a few issues with a watermelon I was attempting to buy! I accidentally kneed the green grocer in the eye who was kindly trying to help me pick up the watermelon off the bottom shelf! He literally stood there gripping his eye and I was thinking what an idiot I was not paying more attention to how close he was! We were crouching on the floor looking through all the watermelons in the bottom draw!
Then I finally bought the watermelon and dropped it getting out of the car at my sis's house, it rolled under a car and started splitting open! Luckily after a bit of a clean and watermelons get chopped up anyway; there was plenty to go round! It is so typical of me, I can be a bit accident prone and weird things like that happen to me fairly often!
Today I walked from Curious Cafe, which has yummy coffee and a whole range of rooms filled with art. I love its terrace look, its cat Elvis and its delicious food! It was a beautiful day to walk and people watch in the sunshine! I think it's pathetic that now I am thirty I couldn't bear the thought of or make the effort to get to a welcoming back party in the Cross! I also didn't feel like drunk people, cover charges and a late night last ! I used to go out and dance as often as I could - but barely do now!
I better get a dance in tonight!

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