Friday, May 5

It's Friday!

It used to be my fave day of the week; until I started working Saturdays but still! I love Fridays everyone seems more relaxed and Sydney shuts down in the middle of the day, well it looks like no one can bother doing any more work!
I planned to do all wonderful and healthy things last night like attending a health talk and going for an hour's walk but just came home and watched Vegas and Lost instead. I don't even remember what happened - it was just mindless meaningless viewing.
I went to the opening of the Spanish Film Festival on Wed night and watched an okay Spanish film called Heartlift about a man who has an affair with a younger women and ends up falling in love with her! Um it seemed pretty familiar to me and there was nothing too different or special about the movie; although there were some really kooky laugh out loud bits. Afterwards we indulged in a range of tapas, breads with olive oil and bit sized greasy and herby potatoes, fish, dips and all of it was yummy. there was some great Spanish music playing to tap your feet along and everyone was crowding around the food and drink as if it were the last supper.
My rents and I ended up going to a really upmarket designed and funky bar called In a word fabulous! It has a huge unfinished room painted in red with a huge TV, an incredibly tiled bathroom in orange, as you can see from the pic on the main website a long water thingy in stark white with ice in the sinks, wooden floors, a huge picture of a man drinking and eating and glass everywhere and a club upstairs! It's a beautiful place and have I mentioned the food? It's almost all $10 - $14 steaks, pastas, salads and garlic bread on it's Bistro style menu! I had a yummy brushetta and the rents had a steak sandwhich and a tuna salad!
Tonight am planning on doing some exercise - it is so hard to get the motivation and may be going to a fair to buy some books in, meeting some friends later tonight after a family dinner for champagne! We're celebrating a friend's return from 5 weeks overseas and a new job!
I am glad because writing this I have had a few sales and given someone a discount which she said made her day! And not even two seconds later I offered someone price for her books (very little I admit) and she said forget it and stormed off! Just before I made someone's day I had to send two salespeople who disturbed me during a sale out the shop. We are inundated with phone people, charities and people selling raffles on this road! Very annoying! So it's another day in the shop...

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