Monday, May 8

So tired...

It's depressing being thirty! I had one late night on Saturday and I was exhausted all of Sunday! I decided to nap before salsa class - I looked like hell with bed hair and red eyes, fell asleep and woke up after 8pm! I was very disappointed because I like salsa and I like looking at a certain guy - who I call eyecandy and it makes it more fun!
I had an excellent Sat night though, a dinner party at a Turkish restaurant called Pasha's in Newtown! The food was yummy, I tried lamb with yoghurt ( delicious - it was so tender and moreish) and charcoaled (sp) chicken, spinach dip, eggplant dip, many slices of Turkish toast and bottomless Turkish tea. There was a belly dancer who danced with all the guys and shook her booty for 45 minutes, everyone was laughing and clapping, it really is a sexy dance with veils!
Afterwards and I really mean afterwards, we got there at 8pm and dinner was a big event finishing at 11pm. We had our coffee cups read and a couple of people went into the back room to smoke the shisha ( I think), the long tobacco pipe thingy! When I walked in, I couldn't believe how much stuff there was, carpets on the walls, all sorts of artefacts and jugs and wood things and hanging pieces everywhere, I have never seen a place completely covered with things and I was a bit nervous I would break something or knock something over!
Ali and I ended up at The Eastern Hotel, which is a swanky modern pub in the middle of Bondi Junction. As soon as we got there, we realised it was a big mistake. It was full of half naked chicks and really really young guys!
It really is a swanky place though and it has a room with rich red cushion seats, great chairs, incredible lights - but it's too posh and the doors are weird, I feel like I am going to crash through the glass!
We had a drink and a chat and got propositioned by a bunch of really young and drunk guys who were being completely stupid - but it was fun to watch all the girls in the skimpiest clothes standing in the outside section shivering!
I suddenly realised I was no longer tired so went to the Cross to a cafe where you can draw on the tables and it's all Italian food and waiters!, I think! It's right next door to another funky cafe called Dean's and I get confused! It was 1 am by that point and got home after 4 am so my brain wasn't functioning! I love sitting in the courtyard drinking coffee and have always loved the Cross. It's a bit red light district, a bit druggie, a bit posh, a bit back packery, a bit gay and just eclectic!
Next day, walked to Bondi, went for coffee ( I love coffee - is it obvious!?) and had lunch - pizza - at Bondi Tratt where we got a lunch and a show. We were served by a great American comedian who was warm and friendly, told us jokes, chatted to everyone and brightened up my day!
There was a time when in the evenings you could go to the Tratt and whatever time it was after 6pm, you could get your pasta for that price - I loved that! I must admit that after the renovation, the pizza menu wasn't as big as it used to be, but they are the best! It has an incredible crusty base, the right amount of melty cheese and basil leaves on top - just what a tired girl needed to perk up with!
I then took an exhausted trudge to Beach Road Hotel to meet peopl, sit in the beer garden and listen to the Sunday afternoon chilled out DJs! We were all too tired to do anything energetic!
I eventually forced myself to go home and nap - but the nap was over two hours and I missed my slasa class! :( as you read at the top!
I spent the rest of the night in, watching mindless TV and a friend came round with a pizza - yes! - more pizza - what a perfect day!
This hot librarian realises that late nights mess up the rest of the weekend
It's a slow day today!

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