Wednesday, May 3

What a Day!

I decided that today was the time to get all the stuff fixed around my house! My cupboard, blinds and flyscreens are broken. And I spilt black nail polish on the carpet so the place needs a bit of work and I figure a better energy running through the flat. I have just spent over an hour phoning various companies to get quotes and trying to organise people to come over and fix things! The lesson I learnt is don't leave everything until it is overwhelming and from the quotes very very expensive!
Last night I went with a friend for $6 steaks up the road from my work at a local pub called the Robin Hood Hotel. It was yummy and packed as usual with a lot of locals and trendy people. I also ordered some steamed veggies at $6 which made me laugh considering I got the steak, chips and sauce for the same price. Here is a review by the Sydney Morning Herald and for a place that sells cheap food, is open til 3am most nights, attracts both locals and trendy people and is packed most nights at 7pm - I'm lucky to have it so close - the only thing that changed is that the menu prices increased by $1!
Apart from phoning companies this morning and suffereing mild attacks when I heard how much money it is to fix fly screens; I have spent the morning buying in books and getting free books from someone who was in my book club which lasted two sessions and a cute guy leaving the country! It seems that crime fiction is always going to be our best selling genre with John Grisham, Jeffrey Deaver, Dan Brown (why is Da Vinci Code so popular? I thought it was terrible) and James Patterson! But the best thing I have found on my shop doorstep so far has been a book called Dirty Bits - The book that falls open at every page! You guessed it, it's the dirty bits from books. Lesley Cunliffe must have spent a lot of time going through the bible and the classics to come up with these bits! It's also got some seemingly dirty pictures in black and white from old texts and classics. Very odd!
One of my friends has started a company called with cards containing ringtones and all other funky kinds of things! I sell them in my shop and they really are cute, a card with a gift!
My cousin was inspired by my sis to start she is now organising weddings for people in Cape Town. My sis looks stunning on the pics and there is also the gorgeous cake she had at the wedding!
That was a bit of promotion but am also trying to express how great it is to have inspired and inspiring people around me.
Back to work...

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