Tuesday, May 2

Feeling sleepy...

and not to mention a bit lazy! It's been a long weekend and past few days!
I still have been trying to fill in the details about my stay in Byron and realised that there was a lot of shopping - I love Cupcake Fashion - it had such funky clothes and Andy and I bought those gorgeous red dresses from there! I haven't worn it yet but plan to as soon as I find a date or function to wear it!
I think that looking back I loved Beach Hotel which is the local just off the beach pub fulled with kids, young people, old people, a huge huge dining area and also has a coffee and cake section. It had it all and Andy and I went there for lunch, afternoon drinks and sat there for a while once watching the rain.
But I fell in love with this place http://www.balcony.com.au/ It is smack in the middle of the main part of Byron and we loved it. It is so relaxing up there looking down on the streets and we had some brilliant times on their couches, meeting people for dinner, relaxing over chai tea and grabbing tapas late one night! I loved the cocktail menu - it was quite exotic everything seemed to have berries and they were delicious!
So that's Byron!
This past week has been hectic; books seem to be pouring into the shop non stop and I have to turn people away!I have been buying a lot of self help and fiction as usual. I just got in a book called CAD which is a guy's memoir about his confessions as a toxic bachelor (his words!). I just started reading it and I am not sure if it is as interesting as it could potentially be. Rick Marin is 26 at the start of the book and had just been married and I presumed it would be about an older more experienced man.
I am also reading Gregory Maguire's Mirror Mirror which is an adults historical fiction version of Snow White. I read Wicked which was about the life and times of the wicked witch and I loved it so much! http://www.gregorymaguire.com/ He writes in such an imaginative and precise way and I love reading how he sees fairytales in adult's eyes and writes as if they happened in real life but in different times!
This weekend I also went to Cafe Hernandez at 2am on Sun night - it is open 24/7 and has yummy Spanish food and really strong, aromatic coffee. I crammed in a walk, salsa class, lunch, friends, a couple of coffees and all the other things that makes my Sunday day off special.
But now that I'm in my thirties! two late nights have their impacts and I was exhausted on Monday night! Pathetic


  1. u write alot, its intresting....

    Calamity Jane

  2. hello nice blog?!?! lolz um.. ok bye bye

    Matilda Kimbriki

  3. I love Gregory Maguire too...