Friday, May 19

We Need To Talk About Kevin...

is an excellent title for a book which won last year's Orange Prize! It's all about a Thursday when a 15 year old boy (or 16) murdered seven students, a cafeteria worker and his algebra teacher. It's all written in letter form by his mother Eva and it is so thought provoking. When I first picked it up, I thought it was a look at a mother's apathy towards her child and although it is fiction, it still seems so real.
I actually am only on page 66 but am finding it very hard to read. Eva is an older mother who found love late in her life and also had Kevin late. At the moment she is going through what it is
like for a single woman to find someone when she is older and pretty settled with an excellent career and then there is someone else to concentrate on and spend time with and I find that it seems unbelievable in her eyes.
After my friend's comment; I have just taken my multi vitamin and more of that disgusting tonic - before I start my working day! I am just delaying doing the reviews - I started on two yesterday but know for sure they are going to take a lot of my time, in fact I am thinking all day for the next four days or so! Gah!
Last night I did exactly the same thing I did last Thurs night so next Thurs am definitely getting out of my Thurs rut and going to a boxing class. I was invited to a drinks thing, a social life thing (with free cheese and wine and didn't go!) Hello!? They have a book club and talks and courses - sounds wonderful actually! I am not sure if I'll join but may go to a class or event.
Then I was invited to go see a rock band at 10pm - and I thought no way, I am too tired and run down to stay awake till then - pathetic!
So far this morn, I have rearranged the books in the front display, selected a book to display and review, swept the shop, bought a smaller coffee and butterless banana toast (time to get healthier!), helped the postie deliver a parcel, looked after my friend's gorgeous 2 year old for 15 minutes, sold a book ( just one so far!) snd received some brochures on readers and writers talks in a local library! I have just been looking at this year's shortlist for the Orange Prize and only just realised it is specifically for women! (go Orange Prize!)
Hemingway went back to the vet last night and is so much better (of course he is, $150 later!), it's one more day til the weekend and it is a gorgeous Friday morning!
Oh and tickets to Robbie Williams concert are out this Tues, because he is coming to Sydney on the 9th December! Bliss

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