Thursday, May 18

After much kicking and screaming...

I went with Juicy to Gym last night and it wasn't too bad actually. We were there for over an hour and a half and I was pretty cranky but really enjoyed the boxing and power walking on the treadmill and really want to start boxing classes from now on! It's such a mental thing, I feel a bit better this morn, not as tired and cranky! Poor Juicy, we went for dinner after and she was like... you were so moody and impossible at the beginning. It's not even that I hate the actual exercise, I just hate the effort and wished I could be magically beamed back to my couch after exercising three or four times a week. That said I now do salsa and love boxing or rather punching so it is going to be fun!
After going for a yummy and huge salad at Cafe Bondi - which is more of a place to people watch and get chatted up by policemen! Yep I was wearing the sexiest tightest black gym leggings I have ever owned!; I came home to find out that Hemingway IS actually sick and chased him around the flat to get him to the vet! I had to cram him into a shopping recycle bag - you know those big environment friendly canvas ones with a towel and dragged him in that to the car. He was not impressed and when I got him to the vet, I had to borrow gloves to get him out the car. Turns out he has Uvietis The scariest thing is that if it is not detected early enough, it could cause blindness! I was looking at Hemingway this morning and his infected eye is just a huge pupil covering his entire eye, he looks like a cat out of Stephen King's Pet Sematary!
So this librarian is trying her hardest to be well rounded! But it's all about eating properly, am taking tonics and vitamins to substitute for living a single life and not eating as regularly or as well as I sould, I actually bought a tonic especially for diabetics and people whose diets are not that good - let me taste - it's cherry flavoured but thick and medicinal! Ewww
So today I have reviews to do, I have to take Hemingway back to the vet later, I have to um eat lunch and do some work and hope to get to go the Cruise Bar later to meet some people! I have 11 reviews to do of four articles each so that should keep me busy as well as look after the shop! Gah. On a more exciting topic, my cousin Dee has put this on eBay; she wants to get people to sponsor her for a trip in December to Cape Town! I think she is fantastic for being so creative and it's not that much per person just L1.50 ( I couldn't find the pound thingy on my keyboard!)

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  1. oh poor Hemmy! I hope he gets better. and SO glad to hear you finally taking care of yourself. Did you know that less than 2% of Australians eat enough fruit and vege's to get their RDI of vitamins and minerals?