Saturday, May 20

This princess slept on a pea...

last night and woke up seriously moody and I swear I have been thinking about single people and suicides and how unnatural it is for a person to live alone for years and years! This fortunately was pre-coffee and I was wondering what bought this all on! I guess it's all the tonics and vitamins I have been forcing myself to take, as well as exercising and trying to get some balance in my life. Maybe I am crazy but I keep comparing couples to singles and I always feel like I am trying. I try to eat properly and have an exciting life and meet people and go on dates but when I woke up this morning I questioned the emptiness of all of this. Last night I went for a walk before settling down to do some work with a healthy lamb roast dinner (yummy! - take away of course!) and a DVD (Russian Dolls - exclellent but a bit long winded!). I love how I can do whatever, do a bit of work watch what I want when I want but I was also thinking of companionship and togetherness and how selfish I am being single. So that lead to a bad sleep for this princess and a wonderful wake up call this morning! Does everyone feel like this?
Now as you know it's a Saturday and am at work - already dying for another coffee and I have piles and piles of stuff to do in my head! I am reading eve magazine which is pretty good because I couldn't find Glamour which is one of my favourites. I love Glamour because it is light and compact and come on - there is nothing like paging through a shiny magazine full of advice I know I'll never follow and perfect people with perfect bodies and lives and relationships!
After I woke up and removed the pea from my back, I thought about what I wanted and realised I am looking for the right man not the perfect man! I just want someone who gets me, knows that I am spoilt and stubborn and get moody, but wants to connect with me, have fun, build a life together, travel, learn new things, be challenged, have fights which end with laughter and hugs and enjoy being together - not the kind of stuff I know I should mention on a first date, I know! I decided that it is time for me to date again so my feelers are out!
I hve been invited to a swanky party while writing this and a dress up party but will see later! It's time to start my day...

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