Monday, May 22

The Bollywood Beauty...

.... I picked this book up at the BP Garage down the road from me while I was buying the obligatory stuff ( Hemmy's food) They have a small but great selection of new fiction and non fiction there and sometimes I go there to pick up something I really want to read before it goes second hand. It is a sweet chick lit book about 2 girls whose lives clash when Rupa who is the perfect Bollywood beauty comes to live with Keesh. They're both Indians from Fuji but Keesh dresses Western and pulls pints at the student bar while Rupa is all things Bollywood. Actually Keesh pulls schooners - we are after all in an Aussie bar! It reminds me of my favourite author Meera Syal's books and while I was looking for reviews to this: ,
I found this site: which has pretty much everything on it, Bollywood books, music and films all the festivals , gorgeous clothes and holidays! Very cool!
As usual I crammed everything into my Sunday, a breakfast at Cafe Bondi, met my cousins on the beachfront, visited my friend's shop (aaa the joys of shop owners whingeing!) had lunch and I mean a 3 course brunch/lunch with 3 glasses of wine and dessert - yummy at trio. It was incredible and expensive and just blissful with five friends and great conversation. we were there from 2 til about 4:30 and the food was excellent!
On Sat night I ended up with many glasses of wine at a friend's surprise birthday party. We spent the night eating yummy pastries - mmm the spinach one was great and switching from red to white wine, watching one of the guys play drums and just got extremely drunk and had dumb conversations. Luckily I could stumble home - I live five minutes walk away.
So after all that wine on Sat night and all that wine at lunch yesterday - I am not really here! How do Mondays come so quickly?

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