Wednesday, May 10

Curiouser and Curiouser

... my favourite line from Alice in Wonderland. Yesterday I was lugging boxes of books around my shop and finally sorted a huge box of books to take across the road to the charity shop. Unfortunately because its a charity shop the books there are a bit cheaper and the shop is always full and people who cross over that shop to mine always comment on this. About a year ago, my friend Nat introduced me to Phillipa Gregory and I fell in love with her books. She writes historical fiction and I wish I had learnt history like this at school, I consume these books and love the way things were, people were, food was and it'a all in context - but fiction of course! So there I was reading Nat's book The Other Boleyn Girl which she had kindly given to me and it got sold when I was half way through. I have been keeping my eye out for it ever since and have mentioned reading it in a column and look for it every now and then.
So... back to the tedious point of this! Yesterday I placed my hand on the table of books in the charity shop on The Other Boleyn Girl! I was elated and have started to read it again. This book is all about Mary Boleyn who was pressured by her ambitious family and became the king's mistress, you guys know that it was in fact her older sister Anne who became his wife eventually. I love this book! :) - it seems like everyone loves this book too!
She has just written a new one called The Constant Princess - who wants to send it to me?!
In fact the site that I just got you to look at is brilliant - it has an excellent first page where you can do a tour, find similar authors, get suggestions, join a forum and just explore authors and books! It also has access to music and movies!
Yesterday was one of the first days I have felt really down in a long time; I think that I am realising that I am financially dependant on my father with a shop, car and flat to boot! I have no real business sense and I spent yesterday and last night insulting myself over the fact that I am 30, single, financially stuck and dependant and spoilt. So now am thinking of ways to change all of this, getting a job on top of this one, giving my dad money for rent, car etc Start saving and getting independant maybe finding time to volunteer or to help others - I am extremely lucky! and um suggestions anyone? Is it loneliness or outside pressure? Is it stress and feeling stuck in a rut? I think it's being spoilt and mentally lazy in some ways and also the way in society we all compare ourselves, try to achieve more, need money to enjoy our lives and make more things happen for ourselves. I know some of you are reading this and rolling their eyes at a princess who seemingly has it all and I guess I do just need a hug! My friend told me a few months ago about this which led us to a discussion about people living below the poverty line who are in fact happy and blissful, who have a sense of family and community despite dead parents, lack of food or water - um obviously I cannot speak for these poor people personally and I am sure there are many who are not happy! But affluenza seems to be what people like me who pretty much have access to it all - seem to suffer because of the demands and pressures. I think a lot of us are alone and feel alone, banging our heads against a piece of melting plastic.
But now today after a yummy hot lemon and green tea with honey to clear my head and make sense of things, I just need a push to look after myself and find someone to love! and look what I found! I love odd facts and strange things and here is a whole site devoted to this! I have contacted a couple of people to write book reviews and columns so will show them on here soon! Back to The Other Boleyn Girl


  1. Hey chick,

    Well this blog is cool!
    Gosh you are busy!

    Haha nice reading it all!
    I hope you had a good birthday!

    Your cuz in london,

  2. Hey Girl
    Cheer up! It could be worse, u could be in a foreign country, all by yourself, with no friends and a boring job!
    Maybe you need to go on a trip?
    Asia perhaps?

  3. I love that line too! Rumour has it that Lewis Carroll was a naughty old man who lived next to Alice Liddell and would lure her away to play with her. Alice resented Lewis for writing about her.