Monday, May 15

Monday, two jobs and Robbie Williams

It's Monday and I am starting a copywriting trial so need to work hard today! I also adopted Robbie Williams from a site called Adopt A Celeb.

I had to adopt him because he is born on 13th Feb 1974, same b-day (different year though)! I have always felt that if he had one look at me...
He is also a bit odd, a bit quirky and an amazing entertainer! and now mine! my little adopted celeb! A link and pics to come! When I get my friends to teach me how! And now I have copywriting to do and a review for a column!
So it's Monday morning, a cold and rainy one, so there is plenty of time for me to write and review! I have a gorgeous man in the shop looking at The Onion presents Embedded In America.
It's such a funny site which makes a complete mockery of the news written in such a dry way! And the books are excellent, just news columns, panels and all newsy stuff, a complete sham!
More tommorrow - this hot librarian needs to work


  1. robbie? come on. how about ryan gosling? have you seen the notebook? i think this should be an all time classic.

  2. ... imagine a love like theirs... a love so consuming...

    makes my heart hurt so wonderfully just thinking about it.

  3. Yep I must admit that ryan Gosling is hot! but Robbie and I are born on the same day and I am going to tame him...