Monday, May 15


I have just spent the last let's see almost 3 hours doing my first copywriting ever and sending four articles back to my new boss (hopefully - my trial is a week - if all goes well I get paid next week!)
I feel exhausted and relieved that I have started and got a feel for it! It is actually so difficult because it is a factual process and not creative and needs to be precise and concise! I wouldn't ever consider myself more than an average reviewer but it is far easier to write from the heart then head! Phew! Like salsa last night when we learnt to spin and be dipped, my head is spinning again today!
I am officially writing reviews for
come visit every fortnight for reviews of three books!
and used to write for other sites which I'll need to take up again at some point!
I am reading toast the story of a boy's hunger by Nigel Slater which reads like his food diary! It is incredible how food is memory related and we hate/love something from childhood! I think I will always love steak and mielie pap and associate it with all the smells and memories fom my childhood. Read this book to learn all about English food and why this man became a top chef! As I was reading off this site; I discovered that Nigel Slater relieved the food memories of his childhood by buying and trying some food he hadn't tried in years! I have very fond memories of licking Zoo Biscuits and throwing coloured sweets called jelly tots in the air. I hate brussell sprouts and green grapes always remind me of a holiday where my sister nearly chopped her finger off! And biltong! I love biltong which I have chewed, sucked, chopped, gnawed on and I am proud to say that my Australian born cat Hemingway loves biltong too!
I also read something about how the more explanation marks you use in writing, the better you are in bed! I disagree, I am just excitable and ditsy!

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