Thursday, May 25

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits...

an appropriate book title; seeing that the book cover that I am staring at matches what I am feeling!
I feel and am also getting this from so many of my friends that we are questioning our choices, careers, relationships and sense of home. I am hoping that because it's becoming winter; that perhaps we are all being too literal and taking the metaphorical dying for three or four months before being reborn into spring just a little too literally. Some days I just work and get home and get up and shower and work and get home. It is so nauseating (and am sure anyone else who is reading this feels the same..)
So after doing a couple of quizzes and thinking, I need to improve my money management and healthy living so started to look for free online courses for any! I did but they're in the UK but did find
I hear medidation is meant to channel or relax or whatever, so am willing to give it a go!
Am going to start reading a book that has been in the shop since I took over called The House of Gucci which really matches my mood that I want to remain in for a while! It's all about murder and politics and a fashion house - sounds good to me!
I have a lot of work to do; which is probably why I have slowed right down! Off I go!

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  1. I'm totally with you on this one - the questioning of everything, that is. Not the 'love is an imposssible pursuit'.

    Why are we doing this? Why are we here? What's the freakin' point?

    I asked the same thing in the beginning of May The Rat Race

    Maybe there is no point. Maybe we're the ones putting meaning and expectations into that simple and beautiful thing called life.

    One of the best books I ever read is called Buddhism for Busy People by a man who now lives in Perth. It presents Buddhist themes in a simple and easy to understand manner, and even if you're not a Buddhist, the ideas are very helpful to live a more peaceful and satisfying life.

    I don't believe this questioning is related to Winter. I feel it's a worldwide phenomena - think Da Vinci Code or even Dan Brown's other book Angels and Demons which says science is the new God.

    We've lost our faith and are now looking everywhere to find something to fill that hole within ourselves.