Friday, May 26

Forensic Science...

has always been an interest of mine so just signed up at Barnes and Noble University to do two courses free, a forensic one and a money management for women. They both start 5th June and let's see if I get anything out of them!
I just started reading Crime Scene by Esther McKay who worked for the NSW police force and saw some terrible crimes and murders. It says in the blurb that she sometimes went alone to a crime scene of such horror; I cannot imagine dealing with the things she did. After she spent many many years working in a semi bitter environment, she had a nervous breakdown and eventually learnt to deal and overcome all the horrors of her job! I am in the complete opposite environment, I get a lot of happy smiley people, especially babies passing through and lead a pretty sedentary and peaceful existence. I have always been interested in forensics and crime, it's easy to read it isn't it? from the safety of my bliss rather than deal what she dealt with. I still find it all fascinating, murders, backgrounds, CSI, all the forensic work... so that's why I picked up this book and am going to try the course!

ooo! I like this homesick webiste! I cannot get over how much info there is on the net still and how many bloggers out there are becoming recognised for their writings and are getting book deals! I think I could spend all day surfing the net and discovering new sites - it's just an incredible amount of media, press, stories, advice and opinions on every single thing and is quite daunting.
Am going away this weekend so just went to pick up some girly stuff for the weekend! I still have to pack but have done all my washing - phew! So now it's just deciding what I need to take later and putting it in a bag! I plan to do a bit of beauty stuff this weekend, colour my hair, do a face/body thing, maybe go for a few walks - although I am having this tonic and taking multi vitamins - I am still feeling run down! My hair and skin are almost perfect though!
Today I plan to clean the shop and do whatever I need to do, so when I come back and straight here on Monday morning, I have actually relaxed for a change! That said I find that now I can never fully relax! Having this shop just makes me think of all the things that I need to do, all the things that can go wrong all the things I need to achieve through the shop - all going on in my head!
Last night my sis arrived and we went to this great italian place for pizza! It is owned by a very talkative Italian man and the pizza ( I had spinach, cheese and mushrooms) was delicious. Although it was good to see my sis; I was so knackered and hungry after a long day that I didn't really feel like talking, I think I hit my usual Thursday blank and just wanted to be staring mindlessly at a TV. I finished work much later than usual and didn't end up going to boxing either - is this hot librarian losing it?

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