Wednesday, May 24

Another early start!

I was up at 7am this morning! I had showered and dressed by 7:30 and I was sitting reading a book and drinking yummy diet hot chocolate ... thinking it is so cold and I hate being up this early. But actually it was a great feeling - I wasn't rushing about the place as I usually am and opening up the shop much later thatn I prefer!.
But I'm tired now and already I feel like I have had a full day - I have swept the shop and done a bit of a clean, put out books, answered emails, joined a singles dinner group (21 guys, 21 girls, 1 fabulous restaurant and three courses later - I will be definitely trying this) When I looked at the website, one of the guys who started this dinner thing said that he could count on his single hand the amount of times in one year that he has sat down with a stranger and talked for half an hour with them! Please, that's pretty much my days and weekends, I meet people all the time so I may not be a candidate for this dinner!
I have been reading all about bibliomysteries and even stole my pic off an ecard from there! I love the idea of murders taking place in my bookshop - Nat and I came up with an idea months back and am thinking maybe now is the time to start on it! Here are a list of 100 things to do before you die; I've done a few but always always want to feel that before I go I want to leave a mark, no regrets all that rubbish. I have a list of things I need to do like going to Spain and learning Spanish, learning a new sport and falling completely in love with someone are at the top!
Since I have been sitting inside a shop and as you have gathered I spend a lot of time thinking!, I think about being single and travelling and what I have achieved so far and sometimes I go a bit overboard and think too much! It's one of the dangers I think of working alone and spending pretty much my entire working days (let's see about 45-52 hours depending on season!) alone.
So I tend to write /read a lot of books or surf the net to find things which interest me like this
So that's one of the reasons I took a writing job, to keep myself busy and to make myself stop thinking about all the things I COULD be doing! The writing job is going better than expected and I am discovering all my writing voices, I love my review voice (first books, soon movies) am getting to know my column voice (four rewrites yesterday - one more before I send it in!) and have a new copywriting voice which needs work...
Being a hot librarian in this shop is great though, there is always at least four funny stories a day, cute and smiling babies and authors and books I have never heard of - all an incredible learning experience
Today my column voice and copywriting voice are competing as I have work to do on's time for a coffee

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  1. This is one of my fave posts from you... it's from the heart, and that's beautiful.