Tuesday, May 30

It's going to be...

One of those days! I have been in the shop for an hour this morn and have: arranged and unpacked books, cleaned some of them , priced them , shelved them and thought about and actually put one or two in the front display!
Yesterday I started contacted people about advertising, mail drops, weekly newsletters, I figure that some advertising is necessary - maybe a winter special or something and got a return email this morning ?????? - how rude is that?
I had all those boxes of books to sort and pay people and the woman came in this morning saying I don't understand about buying books as a lot and how I got the price I offered and then having to explain what I wanted and didn't want. I didn't want torn, dirty, dusty books - funnily enough, but did want the new Harry Potter!
Then I unpacked the box, cleaned, priced them and recycled the box!
It's raining today and freezing cold, so am drinking my flat white and am so glad to be inside... All I need is a book (got!), DVD (can't at work!), hot drink (got!) and access to work and news (got!) I have my dad's 60th tonight - surrounded by his friends and family - I couldn't wish happiness on a more deserving man - he is extremely generous, kind and does things for other people - traits I want to learn more and do more!
Since I have been writing this, dad has been in plus a couple of customers - I have been to the bank to cash my first book review cheque and asked them to make a copy of it - :) I have read to two kids and am still drinking my coffee.
Yesterday I started reading an uncorrected proof (which has probably been published by now) It is the perfect book for this weather, it's all about a girl who diasppeared 22 or so years back while her parents where in church and left her sleeping while they went up to the front of the church. Years later, the son of the police officer who was in charge of the case, thinks he has found her and uncovered a whole lot of weird mysteries - I like it, it's the kind of book which builds in suspense but is easy to read and the perfect rainy day weather stuff! John Misto's book - give it a try! I have been talking about so many books lately and haven't finished Crime Scene but did whip through Maurice Gee's Hostel Girl on the weekend away; it was a very simple easy to read and quite a predicatable book - Hostel Girl. Weirdly though when I was looking at Maurice Gee who has written a fortune; I found his grown up version of a similar story to this with a similar theme called Ellie and The Shadow Man this could be the same book! He also wrote In My Father's Den - one of the longest and quitest movies I have seen. I got two of my friends free tickets to see this and they hated it - we still refer to it as one of the worst movies we have seen! Nothing happened, it was dark and quiet throughout the movie and there was hardy any dialogue.
Now I have some copywriting to do, a baby to read to and a book to finish...

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