Monday, May 29

a break, books, a mess

That pretty much sums up my weekend! After getting a friend of mine :) to look after the book shop; I drove to Wiseman's Ferry to spend a realxing weekend away with family. We went to a great place but I was feeling moody and a bit well single amongst all the couples so picked a fight with my sis, made her v upset and angry and haven't apologised. I do play the victim and act like a complete child a lot (so get treated like one) and then get over it very quickly leaving people hurt in my wake.
I really enjoyed the drive, a bit longer than expected and this morning I could not find the M2 and wated about 20 minutes driving around looking for it! It was also peak hour traffic so I was not impressed.
I am feeling like a mess because instead of dealing with some of my flaws head on, I am single for a reason i am sure, so my head is spinning with all the stuff said still...
I haven't been home so have not seen Hemingway yet and have about 4 boxes and a bag full of books to look through and see if I want.
This is where I went Wiseman's Ferry is a great place on a couple of rivers and would have been a perfect weekend if not for me and my shocking mood.

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