Wednesday, May 31

So far!

So far I have had 5 dogs in the shop, 3 babies to read to and tidy up the books and chairs they played with and moved after, 5 customers, an Indian bollywood popstar (dressed all in white), a friend, a coffee and a fruit juice with ginseng to boost my brain cells and mental functioning! I am not sure about the fruit juice but am so much happier when there is hustle and bustle, wagging tails and cute smiling kids and all this activity has certainly given me a boost to start the day!
I have also been invited to a sushi party (yummy!) and have been given great tips on how to improve my copywriting skills - so before I get too behind, I'll need to hone in on them a bit.
It's been a long week so far and it's only Wednesday! I already feel behind in my writing and reviewing and my copywriting work and I feel tired from lack of sleep and rushing around all the time. it's great having people to visit and my dad's 6oth last night was wonderful. Nat, you would have loved the cosmopolitans, the sushi on poppy seed crackers, the rocket, avo and pumpkin salad with a pomegranate and sesame seed topping and the best mini hamburgers ever. I must have had about 3/4 - they were delicious. This was all my mother's doing and the fact that they had about 40/50 people coming and going so there was a huge amount of food and drink.. I loved how I was tired when I got there but a few burgers,a cosmo and a champagne later and everything became blissful!
I then switched to Coke Zero - no sugar, caffeine and my drink of choice lately - I sadly can now drink litres of this!
After all the activity in my shop I read my friend's blog appropriately named bliss and starting thinking about intimacy and an organisation called M.I.L.K I went to an exhibition of theirs a few years back and all the photos capture very private moments between friends, lovers, siblings, new families and some were so intense and intimate, I felt like I was going to cry and also felt that the pictures were so personal and I shouldn't be looking at some of them! Now their pictures and books are everywhere and they are incredible and personal. My friend's blog was about a moment between two people!
As I have been writing this I have been reading a book animal legends to two girls, this book is great it's all little animal stories about Why monkeys live in trees and how a giraffe became a giraffe and all cute almost moral tales! I finished reading the book I started yesterday, cleaned up and priced most of the books, made up with people and am planning on going for dinner later and finishing off a review today!
So this very busy book shop lady is off...

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  1. That Avo and pumpkin salad with pomegranite sounds great!! I'm very sorry i missed it! I Miss you!!