Saturday, May 27

Fighting with people..

After having a bit of a rant on this on Sat, I decided to delete that post and say this instead! After this weekend away and fighting with a friend of mine; I realised that I can be quite a nasty person when it calls for it and very opinionated. I started judging and ending up having a huge fight a friend because of how he chooses to love his life esp relating to sex and women and straight after went away for a weekend and picked a fight with my sis because I was upset. Someof the things she said afterward were true and I didn't apologise because I am behaving like the spoilt brat I can be.
Now I'm a bit tired, came back this morn and have some things which need sorting in the shop - thanks to my friend who stayed here on Sat and made some great sales! I have tons of boxes in the back from people who want some money for the books in them!
This librarian will be back after she has had a good think about some of the stuff that was said this weekend...


  1. Well when i left town - you 2 were no longer friends - so whats changed? Are you friends again??? Ive been gone a month and its all changed ;)

  2. Completely mad isn't it! I am the one who fights with people and cancels and behaves like a brat. You know that - lord knows why he put up with it for so long. We seem to need something from each other...

  3. whoah! this is interesting! what makes you say that you're the brat?

    you don't need anything from each other - you need to learn something within yourself, and he's there to help you learn it. likewise for him....