Thursday, April 27

Tips and Tales

I left for Byron last Thurs and got there around lunch time! I couldn't believe how similar it is to Bondi and it seemed so trendy full of funky cafes and restaurants and tons of shops! The weird thing is there seems to be a bit of a divide because all the backpackers travel places, bus stops, internet and cheapish take away food were at the back and the larney but incredible restaurants were smack in the middle! I loved it and felt right at home!
The first two nights we stayed about a 30 or so minute walk from town in a place called Abyron Bay Guesthouse. Our first impressions were not good as we had problems with the owner when we booked and then decided it was a bit expensive and crowded for the two of us. When we called to say that we would not be taking the accomodation, she actually charged us for the first night anyway so we decided to stay the two days.
It really is a beautiful place, crammed with furniture from Bali and stained glass windows so it looked fantastic but the owner! Just plain weird, a little off and rude at times and then suddenly extremely nice! It made us really uncomfortable and there were just weird vibes. Not pleasant and we barely stayed there just slept and left! The bathroom was outside the kitchen so we had to share with 5/6 others and believe me when we found really reasonable accomodation with 3 levels by a beach for the next three nights it made a huge difference! Absolute heaven, two bedrooms, a huge kitchen, wrap around balconey, hammocks, loft twin beds upstairs! and it was cheaper and had so much space! We were lucky enough to meet someone who knows the site owner and it had an amazing cafe next door and a couple of seconds walk to the beach! Now this was more like it! I really felt comfy here and was so nice to have so much space... but we came here to explore and shop and relax so look at this til my next entry! Oh and the we mentioned and the two of us sharing is Andy, we have the same size in clothes and shoes so shared everything and even up buying the same gorgeous deep red dress in XS - made it even more fun spending time with someone who loved reading, shopping, exploring and vegging!

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