Tuesday, May 23


Okay I finished the Bollywood Beauty in a day! It was one of those off Mondays where I didn't do any work and just messed around, read books to some children and generally just built myself up into a sad mood. I didn't end up going to my friend and just got myself into a sad heap! Proof that it is all psychological because I came in today and while chatting on voice by mike to a friend on MSN, I finished one of the reviews and all that weight has been lifted. :)
I am actually going to start on the next one and also feel that I may have a system/formula going which will make it easier to write and get through. My friend Jess says it's winter and its seasonal - I like her way of thinking!
I do think that it is horrible being down and sad but I also know that I tend to wallow or indulge in it and it's a matter of snapping out of it - I hate having things hanging over me and things to do and just leaving them and it is so so much better to just do it!
I am reading a book called elegance - Kathleen Tessaro which is loosely based (and approved of) on a book she found in a second hand bookshop called Elegance - Genevieve Antoine Dariaux. Genevieve belived that a woman can be attractive, elegant and chic just based on choice of clothing and effort and in the book I am reading Louise who feels a bit slovenly decides to overhaul herself. I like this; because I am thinking of doing a bit of a clothes overhaul myself soon. I used to be a really dull dresser and over the years I started wearing better shoes and clothes so now its time for me to be a bit more elegant myself! I'll get tips from the book! http://www.crescentblues.com/7_6issue/bk_tessaro-elegance.shtml
Now that this hot librarian is in a productive mood I am going to work on my column and have an option to do film reviews!
So am no longer down, thanks to a really good friend who is so understanding!


  1. I love your new profile pic. Feeling better?

    Quote for the day:

    "Happiness is a perception based on your current level of ignorance."