Wednesday, May 17

So early!

It feels so early like I have already done so much today athough it's not even 11 am yet! I spent the first part of my day cleaning up after Hemmy and tidying the flat (superficially!) before leaving already late to work! I was sitting on the carpet realising how much work it is tidying and cleaning up after a destructive/sensitive to food cat! I have been in the shop for two hours and have had a naughty baby and a frustrating woman! I need coffee! I started reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and I am hooked - it's all in the eyes of a nine year old boy, who is so innocent in his musings and so childish and it takes so long for him to register anything. Although it's frustrating because i already know so much more than he does; he is so simple and young and unaware! I can't wait to read on...
I had to change my blog's template because I figured i can't for the life of me change anything myself! Pathetic!
Yesterday my friend made my day by putting this on her post:
It is so fantastic to have someone who loves you just as much as you do then and it just made me smile for the rest of the day! I am going to get coffee, read more and psyche myself up for a mixed cardio/kickboxing gym class tonight! Don't worry then I'm off to Beach Road Hotel later!

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