Thursday, April 13

Friday and Monday off!

What two better days are there to have off than that? Only catch is I am working half day Saturday but still :) It's really miserable in Sydney, about to pour with rain so if tommorrow is like this am planning to watch Will & Grace DVDs.
So now it is pouring with rain; all is quiet and calm - people are getting away! I went to see a friend of mine play piano and sing jazz in a funky hotel in the city - she was excellent when she sang Home (Michael Buble) - then we went to Establishment where there were 5/6 guys to every girl! But upstairs was Hemmesphere which is an incredible place to chill and it is so swanky and classy. There is a yummy late night menu - mmmm - I really enjoyed the swanky setting, the huge cocktail list and it was so much classier than the meat market pick up going on downstairs!
I saw Tsotsi last Sunday and I swear I cried the entire movie. It was very difficult to take in and also look at my city Johannesburg through the eyes of a 19 year old boy. I loved how Tsotsi looked at Joburg's background and South Africa's issues without trying to justify or sentimentalise and the boy seeks and finds redemption just by finding something to love. It is the most incredible movie

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