Wednesday, April 12


It's a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon in Sydney...
It's nearing the Easter long weekend so hopefully I will be inundated with people buying books for their getaways!
I have just been to a book fair and bought some great and cheap books, and have started reading The One That Got Away - a true story by Lee Robert Schreiber about the girl who got away! Basically he contacts her via email to ask her about love, soulmates and what happened to them. It questions all the things we hold on to and in Lee's case he wonders why no other relationship has been the same and how someone can have such a hold on him. It's funny and warm but also helps readers question their loves and perhaps the ones who got away from them!
I have also picked up How To Be Normal In Australia a book about Australians and their habits! I am reading the bit about splitting bills and how long it takes for people to get through sorting out a bill! Very funny, this one is going in the display window!
I also found a copy of Dis Information by one of my fave scientists Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (say it fast!) It's about all the information we believe it's true from carrots and night vision to piranhas stripping off the flesh of a live man (eeeww!) - It's good to have Dr Karl explaining science, myth and information in such a funny, insightful and I wish I had learnt this in school way!
I am sitting here drinking a large skinny flat white, watching the cars go by, chatting to people and reading a book about love and soulmates!
It's good to be a hot librarian...


  1. It sounds like this Lee needs to get over her and move on to me. I am sure plenty of others feel that we messed up along the way or think of someone now and then who we could have had a chance with. Good on him for publishing the book though

  2. What does a hot librarian do exactly? Is this hot as in Sydney weather or hot as in looks?

  3. seems like your website is living in the past ha ha - I hope your book shop isn't?