Tuesday, April 18

College of One

Okay so it's the latest book I picked up from one of my fave book shops in Bondi where I had a long brekky at Gertrude and Alice yesterday.http://www.veggiefriendly.com.au/2006/04/07/gertrude-and-alice-mediterranean-cafe-food-bondi-beach-vvv/ It's all about how Fitzgerald met and taught Sheilah Graham and her friendship with him. I love how it's all about books, music, philosophy - a mini education for me and I feel like I am learning all the time now.
On Sun nights I am learning how to salsa dance - believe me I have a problem with being led and not thinking but just feeling the moves and I also have no coordination! It is actually a lot of fun and now that I know the basic steps - it's getting better
I loved having Monday off and spent the day cramming in lunches, coffee, drinks and went to all my faves like Gusto - which is the best coffee but even better; I can park on a chair outside the door and talk to everyone coming past! I spent the rest of the afternoon meeting new people outside Bunga Bar, having drinks and talking about men, relationships, love and dates. One of the guys who we met claims that women are sneaky, they have their boyfriends and status but still have their guys on the side who are the artists and musicians - they're with the it crowd. I have not experienced anything like it - but as a musician and an artist who goes to a lot of openings, private functions and all that - he says he gets it all the time. What else are four women and four guys going to discuss?! - it was an amazing day!
Now I am having my large skim flat white, eating the last of my m&m easter eggs and reading how Fitzgerald gave this women a general education where she would have the ability to converse with pretty much everyone intelligently about all sorts of topics. I am not sure yet if that was her intention but it is also interesting because everyone's idea of what an educated person is so subjective and is so dependant on outside factors. I am planning on taking a few days off and going away to Byron Bay! My friend is coming in to look at flights and accomodation and am loving the idea. I really am planning on getting massages and doing yoga on the beach or something - just a huge time out. I am getting excited!

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