Wednesday, December 21

The fastest year ever!

2011 has just whipped by!

I keep thinking that I should still be in February attending to my new year's resolutions which were to eat healthier and exercise more.

I have read hmmm lets' see over 250 books this year (mostly chick lit, memoirs and anything strange/interesting I find in St Vinnies) - my favourite businessy book of this year is  I'm Feeling Lucky The Confessions of Employee Number 59 which is a  funny, insightful and totally unexpected look into Google - it is the most incredible read. I am currently reading a Christmassy book and a love story about a bookshop owner - both semi-light reads. One of these days I will make a list of all the books I have read - it should be interesting looking back!

I have watched hundreds of B grade movies - mainly for entertainment value and because I take everything so literally it is so nice to switch off sometimes.

I adore and have enjoyed every episode of Modern Family , but have also loved True Blood, Dexter, Unforgettable, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Mildred Pierce, Frozen Planet and Happy Endings - it's one of the joys of having Foxtel, recording and watching later.

My favourite movie this year was My Name Is Khan, if you have not seen this yet, it's amazing. I was blown away by the lead actor who has Asperger's Syndrome in the movie, it combines Muslims and Christianity, good vs evil, finding love and ultimately it's a tear jerker.

I have had the most incredible year business wise, training, gaining new clients - even building up fans and followers! I've taught people the how, what, when, where and why of social media and have learnt an incredible amount.

Apart from following the news, reading everything I could get my hands on, meeting people, talking too much, learning and training away - I have also trying to make my own small difference in the world. (I tried to focus on one random act of kindness a day and ended up learning a lot about people!)

I have goals and resolutions in place for 2012 (I'll keep the business ones but have to focus on actually keeping the personal ones too) and a plan to travel to somewhere I have always wanted to go to in 2013.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and a happy new year!

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