Wednesday, June 8

Lots and lots

I spend a lot of time commenting on this blog not being able to believe how quickly time passes.

Looking back at past posts,  I always am trying to assess what I am learning along the way and if indeed I am growing, improving, accomplishing anything at all.

That's why I read postsecret every Monday. I love it, it gives me a glimpse into other people's lives and apparent self perceived failings but what I love reading about the most is that when people attend the events where people come on stage to reveal their own secrets, there are so many people who connect with them and cannot believe their secrets are the same. And people find comfort and hope in that. And then seek out counselling or take active steps because really we all have something to share or something within.

The books I have been reading lately are female contemporary fiction and although they are meant to be a form of escapism, Miss Conceived by Emma Hannigan dealt with three women who all had issues with life, love, being single and struggling with the issues of parenthood. It was not light or fluffy at all, rather dealing with something all women face on a daily basis, relationships, pregnancy and choices they have to make. It was enjoyable to read because deep issues, serious and challenging issues were dealt with in a chatty informal manner in this book.

I have just started to read The Fortunes of Ruby White written by Lia Weston who has years of experience dealing with and practising New Age i.e. pagan rituals and this book seems to be a very fictitious look at all things mystical and spiritual. It is an amusing eye opener and Lia obviously writes with knowledge and experience regarding all sorts of practices, attractions, candles, elixirs and the like. In the book Ruby has to face and find out her own abilities and
challenge her own scepticism as well as people who are close to her.

Lots and lots of things have been happening. 

So many that I don't get to blog nearly enough and that I am determined to learn and accomplish a balance of lifestyle. This blog began when I started working in a second hand bookshop learning new skills and the learning has never ended. Nor do I want it to. The more I learn, the more I realise how much I have to learn, want to achieve and accomplish and the more I learn the more challenging I find it. If only I could click my fingers and everything just falls into place, but the beauty is that along the way, I can feel how I am growing, achieving and accomplishing without truly realising.

Lots and lots of reading helps me. It gives me interest and knowledge of things I have no idea about. Work is part of that, my business mainly depends on training my clients and I can see the benefits and the results of what training entails.

From my own experiences and from this blog and from reading and learning as well as balancing, balancing to me is the most vital. Eating healthily, doing work I love, challenging myself to improve, learning from mistakes, accepting I have a long long way to go and staying curious, has given me lots and lots of chances to assess and to grow.

There is no better time to change who you are.

I am not talking a total robotic re haul. I mean do what you love, eat healthily, embrace the hobbies you love, find your own light.(Buddha- doubt everything, find your own light).

So many things could come unexpectedly both hard challenging things to learn and wonderful unexpected glee. To me, it's just lots and lots of learning and growing to do.

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