Wednesday, May 18

Yes I have been reading since my last post!

And learning!

I am employed part time and I see clients and do social media work at home, the other two days so I have been busy learning and finding out information.

The one thing I still do, quite religiously is read books and because new books are so expensive, I spend a lot of time in second hand book shops and St Vinnie's. The advantage is I buy 3 or 4 books for a few dollars and I have no problem with giving them away when I have finished reading them.

I give away about 3 canvas shopping bags full of books every few months, but I keep the ones I love and glancing around me, I have books everywhere, on the couch, surrounding the bird cage (to keep the cat from leaping at the bird), and in every other room in my place.

I'm trying to balance work and books with Internet, social media, life ... and learning new work and tools. Time flies by, I love blogging and writing posts and I never seem to find the time to write.

I have been making and have become obsessed with salads and combining spices, sesame seeds and ingredients. I eat a huge bowl every night and I feel very healthy lately.

I have a whole lot of books I'd like to review and chat about on here, but tonight I'm going to make another huge salad and watch a few pre -recorded TV programmes before another day of learning, discovering and working.

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