Tuesday, October 5

A little of this and that and this ...

I have been applying for jobs and looking for jobs the entire year, so reading this blog lately  is as boring as enduring months and days of job hunting.

Having the business and a kitten and my own place and loads of books and a bird and four fish to care for, certainly makes the days interesting.

And so does doing social media, being on Twitter, going for job interviews and watching  back to back episodes of  Modern Family and Ghost Whisperer.

A friend got me a temp job which I am very grateful for because it breaks up the day and means that that I am going to be working full time for the next four weeks and feeling like I am actually contributing, catching buses, having lunch hours and doing things for the boss.

Everything to me is a learning experience. A life lesson.

I love Ghost Whisperer, it's very cheesy and happy endings but it is also about letting go, forgiveness and love. Some things are worth enduring and holding onto but most are not worth it. It's the letting go, the learning to forgive, the learning to see what is in front of you, someone else's viewpoint and the fact that you have to forgive and move on. That is love.

After reading An Arrow Through The Heart (link to book in blog below) Dawn has to let her body heal and to let go of being a career woman, and rushing about and flying to meetings, she has to accept that in order to heal, she has to change her lifestyle. And it isn't easy. But thew book is lovely; because she maps her journey over the year and comes out grateful and extremely proud.

So now, I am letting go for the next four weeks. Not of my business, or my after hours work or meetings or any of that. I mean allowing myself to take on a temp job which is not my field at all and just be grateful.

And whatever happens in the next four weeks should fall into the lessons folder...

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