Monday, September 13

On bits ...

Been reading so many books I think I need to get a book job.

Went to buy a cheap book today and helped two guys choose books based on what they liked, I love talking about books.

Just finished Beyond Ugly about Constance Briscoe's determination to put her past behind her, to no longer be ugly and to become a barrister. It was very inspiring to read how hard she worked and how determined she was to make something of her life even after her very difficult childhood and how hard she worked to overcome her Ugly label.

I just picked up An Arrow Through The Heart about Deborah Daw Hefferman's near fatal heart attack and how she one step at a time learnt how to do things all over again.

I am working part time as a waitress while still (can you believe it?!) still trying to find a part time 3/4 day job.

I am working on my business, doing basic computer training and a social media workshop this week. I am constantly finding ways to build my business and keep myself inspired and informed.

In the meantime, I am getting inspiration from other people's lives and journeys and these two women, learnt to overcome and to start again.

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