Thursday, July 1

week in, week out

How do you judge time?

By a week that has passed or by things you are planning on doing?

I judge by past, by the past week, any mistakes I have made, anything I have achieved by the week and anything I can improve on.

I am looking forward to doing an 8 week course in August and a 9 day social media course in September, so that helps with the week, in week out.

I spent the past 9 days without Internet going to Internet cafes and looking at things to keep me busy and have knitted a square, read a few books, spent time with my niece and had some friends over.

Each week I tell myself that the next week will be better than the last and then I spend the week improving myself, making plans for my business, coming up with business ideas and reading books.

I have just started How To Be Single an interesting look at the fact that women stay single for longer and are making different life choices. Julie goes around the world finding and connecting with single women and finding women who are happy and loving their lives.

I am in the middle of The Secret Scripture which I am finding absolutely brilliant. It is fascinating and about the lives of a DR and the life of a rather old woman Roseanne and a tale of their lives. The book is also an account of Ireland and Irish history through the years and I love how Sebastian Barry writes. It's amazingly personal and in depth and I love reading this.

Then I have also started By The Time You Read This an interesting YA book written for a girl who loses her dad when she was five and then finds him and herself in an unusual way. It's written for younger people and it is quite strange how spot on the book is and I find that a little too spot on; it is a wonderful way of looking at death and finding who you are written in a fictitious form. If anyone has experienced loss, this book may offer a tiny bit of comfort.

And I picked up a copy of I Hate Other People's Kids quite funny and wry, very short book but quite and amusing read. I picked up all the books in a discount book shop and they were well worth it.

So what I have learnt this week is everything sorts itself out, whether you work on it, whether someone can help you fix it, or if you just find other ways of doing things. And that it is freezing cold in Sydney.

And yes, no Internet and iPhone did makes things harder but it gave me a chance to look at my business, my work and consider my options. And I got to spend time in an Internet cafe in Bondi followed by a delicious drink called Lullaby (malted milk, nutmeg, cinnamon and honey) from Gertrude and Alice.

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