Friday, February 5

Up, up and up

For the past two nearly three years I have been looking for work.

And last year; I had virtually no work.

So I started Social Status and because I have/ had so much time on my hand I really started trying to learn everything I could about social media marketing. I went to Media 140 last year, I joined groups, I found people to follow, I took business advice and tried to apply for jobs because I love it so much and would love to make it my career.

When that didn't happen; I started doing social marketing for a business and a charity and kept learning about marketing and myself.

I got a casual job, a bit job and started looking for part time jobs so I could keep doing what I love, marketing, blogging, learning, reading, walking and watching B grade movies. Oh and exercising on the Wii Fit Plus.

It took me some time to realise that I would do better actually studying as well as just volunteering and that I want to be in a very competitive job field. I need the advantage.

And while I have been anxious and a little sad, abut a hard year and experience I am so glad I have built on my skills.

Now is the time for up. I am starting to study on Monday and I already feel hope. It will help my volunteering and it will help me build on my skills and decide what I want to do with my life.

I have been looking at all areas of my life of late, my diabetes, my health, my social life and this week has been about booking appointments, connecting with my friends, applying for part time work and preparing for Monday.

I've also managed to volunteer, to watch a few rubbish movies, to read and to exercise and with a week to go before my birthday; I am feeling excited and ready for a full week next week.

I feel I am on the up and up.

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