Friday, December 25

Making mistakes ...

I make mistakes when I feel a bit swamped or overwhelmed.

The book shop outlet was so busy the past few days and I made a few mistakes on the Point of sale system. (I MUST train myself).

It's the worst feeling because I am costing the shop money and I am not being as careful as I should. When I feel overwhelmed or swamped, my customer service is not good.

I know that I am better at marketing and networking and I prefer not to work with the general public but the good thing about this job is that people love to read and buy books. I love recommending books and helping people and I love seeing what people buy and we get good at assessing what people want to read and ask for.

However, I need to be really careful regarding making mistakes and providing better service even if/when the customer is harangued.

Now I am going to tutor myself on the system and come up with ways I can provide better overall service and learn to be patient, slow down and accept, I hate making mistakes of any kind.

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