Tuesday, September 15

Life, cats, cafes and applications

Sometimes I think that my life is in themes.

I brought two books yesterday and they are both about cats. One is about domestic cat Cleo, who helped a family overcome death of their son and brother Sam. It sounds wonderful.

And the other one is about Kevin who raised lions and is known as a lion whisperer. Part of the Pride is something I have dreamed of doing. It sounds incredible, inspiring and I would just love to experience this.

It's not just books though. If I apply for 5 jobs, they're all extremely similar jobs. If I eat a certain kind of food, I'll buy something from the same country lately without intending to. Or I'll have 5 days surrounded by the same colour, book, type of movie, it's weird.

Now I am going to another job interview and then will help out in a friend's cafe. No doubt I'll be having another theme day.

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