Wednesday, September 23

Dust storm, changes in the air ...

I woke up to an orange sky.

Full of heat, dust, wind and a very disturbed Hemingway. He tried to go out once, got covered in dust and has spent the rest of the morning indoors.

I think it is incredible. It feels surreal. It's hot, dusty, there are some strong winds and the sky was a neon orange. It seems to be passing now.

It could be taken as a good sign or bad sign. Some people are saying it's our fault, we are not treating the planet properly and that the world is changing before us. It could just be a freak dust storm, unusual but not exactly the end of the world.

I'd like to see it just as it is. Dust, wind, rising from Mt Isa (I think) and it will eventually settle and pass. The photos are incredible and it's all over the news.

I have a job interview tomorrow, one of the first jobs which sound incredible and a job I can believe in, achieve, really do. I have been thinking about questions all morning, examples from past roles and what kind of things I would like to bring to this role. I can't wait.

I did a three hour nutrition course last night and it was fantastic. Thanks to having diabetes since I was 18 I have knowledge or am familiar with terms, food labels, Superfoods etc and I think I would like to study it further. I loved being aware of all sorts of nutritional aspects and found it all so fascinating. I have piles of notes.

I also paid for an Event Management course at the end of November and I am going to a job fair on Friday. Then lunch with a friend.

I like the idea of a bizarre and unusual natural event. Not a dangerous one which affects peoples' health or pets or causes accidents or affects visibility, but just the sheer power nature has over us.

In a way; I think it makes us slow down, think, consider, put things into perspective. I've followed Hemingway's example and stayed indoors. I've applied for jobs, made calls, sent my resume out and read the news.

It's been quite a morning.

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  1. It looked very surreal, like dust storms on Mars or at least how they show it in the movies. The pictures were wild, a friend thought they were all fake when they started showing up on the net.