Wednesday, August 19

Live the life you love ...

After searching for jobs for over 4 months I have discovered that what I find most appealing and attractive about certain companies is that they have a belief in and a passion for what they do.

They feel that they are truly offering people benefits, education and even support charities.

People are truly finding lives that they love, work with meaning and value and it has given me insight into what i truly want to do.

I have admittedly applied for jobs in Coles and Woolworths and even as a part time ice cream scooper in an ice cream shop and as a nanny. I am still waiting to hear back from all of them!

What I truly want to do is learn from others, grow, educate, write, offer value and insight and feel the rewards three fold. I want to give money to charity and meet people who have passion.

I think after reading 5 books a week and applying for everything left right and centre, I am now leaning towards applying for jobs at companies who seem to give back. And who love and believe in what they do.

They're companies I want to work with, work for and support!

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