Monday, June 1


It's the 1 June ... Winter in Sydney.

Job hunting, wet weather ... it's a great time to be at home.

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  1. I saw your comment on Twitter about wanting to write for a living.

    You are probably already doing this, but I suggest that everyday you work on pieces that show case your talent and craft.

    I am creative director for an advertising agency in Auckland - though, that said we don't do the conventional style of advertising - more content driven than cute/funny etc.I look around at our industry and I see a lot of people struggling and facing redundancy. But it is ironic, becasue they aren't redundant, but the way that they have learned to create has become old and tired.

    I like to see people who are willing to take risks and cross into areas where they have 'no permission' - a couple of years back I launched a magazine with some partners who had loads of magazine experience. I didn't have any and that was a good thing. I could come at the task from an entirely different perspective. While there were some rules that needed to be observed (such as cost effectively choosing paper-stock and that kind if thing) but other areas were fluid - I developed a scheme to underwrite the magazine with major sponsorship money, rather than relying solely on the promise of single ad pages from agencies.

    Don't wait for permission. I recommend you use tools like the to create a living showcase for your work. Find a designer and team up to create an amazing experience - maybe even join up with other writers looking for work and be a collective force. Sometimes going it alone is demoralising and collaborating usually produces a bigger, better result than solo.

    Let me know if I can help out. Email me some samples of your work if you like. I have some contacts in Sydeny and Melbourne.

    Good luck with the hunt.